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Our Truck Fleet

     Some of our clients have underlying health problems that require special needs or equipment such as oxygen or IVs.  Our trained staff are able to accommodate these and other requirements as necessary.

     All PTS vehicles are equipped with two-way radios.  The radio communication is the primary method of dispatch.  Our vehicles also have cellular telephones that offer a secondary method of communication.  This ensures immediate access to the Ministry of Health ambulance communication centre in the event of any en route emergency.

All PTS vehicles are fully stocked and equipped to render comprehensive Basic Life Support
  • Single and double capacities
  • Modern Ferno stretchers
  • Fixed and portable oxygen
  • Province wide immediate communications between base and vehicles
  • 500 watt power inverters
  • Vehicle First Aid and Fire Extinguishers
  • Attendant Emergency First Response
  • Stair Chairs, CPR Board, Backboard
  • Ministry of Health approved restraints
  • Fully Equipped Trauma Bag
  • Ability to transport family members, nurse escort, personal belongings
  • Wall-mounted and portable suction.
  • A full compliment of oxygen administration devices including airway maintenance adjuncts, oxygen masks, cannulas, and suction catheters.
  • A wide assortment of bandaging materials, cold packs, hot packs, cervical collars, long backboards, stair chairs and a defibrillator.




Vehicle Maintenance

     PTS ensures that all vehicle maintenance is completed, including a bi-annual safety inspection in accordance with the Ministry of Transportation requirements and the Motor Vehicle Safety Act.

The following inspections are performed:

  • An inspection every 4,000 km – lube, oil, filters, tires, hoses, etc.
  • An inspection every 15,000 km – spark plugs, coolant, fuel system, chassis, brakes, batteries, lights, heaters, AC, wipers, brakes, gauges, doors, latches, hinges, cooling system flushed, transmission flushed, back-up alarm, and a road test

Vehicle and Equipment Cleaning

  • Daily cleaning of patient and crew compartment as per contact precaution standards. 
  • Each crew will disinfect / decontaminate the patient compartment and equipment after any possible contamination encounter. 
  • Alcohol swab of patient care equipment after each patient.
  • All vehicle and equipment cleaning is per Ministry of Health Guidelines

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